We are grateful to the following sources for funding us.

  • NIH R35 (MIRA) grant (2019-24, PI: Sinha) "Quantitative regulatory genomics: networks, cis-regulatory codes, and phenotypic variation"
  • DOE Center Grant "CABBI" (2017-20, PI: Evan DeLucia)
  • NIH R01 grant (2015-18, PI: Sinha) "Quantitative Modeling of Sequence-to-Expression Relationship"
  • NIH U54 grant (2014-18, PD: Sinha & Han) BD2K Center of Excellence: KnowEnG, a Scalable Knowledge Engine for Large-Scale Genomic Data
  • MRI: Development of a Novel Computing Instrument for Big Data in Genomics (co-PI; PI: Steve Lumetta) (2013-17)
  • USDA grant (co-PI; PI: Marc Halfon, U Buffalo) (2012) to predict and test CRMs in insect species of agricultural importance.
  • EFRI-MIKS: MULTISCALE ANALYSIS OF MORPHOGEN GRADIENTS (co-PI; PI: Stanislav Shvartsman, Princeton) (2011) to address one of the most fundamental questions of developmental biology: what controls the spatial and temporal patterns of gene expression and cell differentiation?
  • NSF CAREER award (2008, PI: Sinha) (2008) for research to build probabilistic frameworks to discover cis-regulatory modules in metazoan genomes and elucidate how they have evolved across moderate to high divergence times
  • NIH R01 grant (2008, PIs: Sinha and Halfon) awarded to research new methods to predict cis-regulatory modules in Drosophila without relying on motifs. The predicted modules will be tested through reporter constructs.
  • NIH R01 grant (2008, co-PI: Sinha; PI: Scot Wolfe, Mike Brodsky (U.Mass.)) Systematic Characterization of Drosophila Transcription Factor Binding Specificities.
  • NIH R01 administrative supplement (2009, co-PI: Sinha; PI: David Arnosti (MSU)). Molecular analysis of transcriptional repression
  • NCSA Fellowship (2007-08, Sinha) awarded to research cis-regulatory analysis in the honeybee, using comparisons with other insect genomes.
  • CSE Fellowship (Jin Tae Kwak, jointly supervised by Sinha and Bhargava) awarded to research "Computational Methods for Cancer Diagnosis from FTIR Spectroscopy Data".